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Mother of Pearl (M.O.P.) is a kind of natural shell, known for a long time for its beauty and nice glossy looks. They are available in white, brown and black. In the old days, the monarchy and high class people used M.O.P. shell to make jewelries and handicrafts. Today those items are well kept in several museums.

Mother of Pearl buttons are also known and used worldwide, especially leading fashion houses in Europe, United States and Asia. These pearl buttons can reflex its beauty and make the garments look more elegant.

Creasia (1989) Co.,Ltd. was established in Thailand since 1989. We are the first and the only shell-button manufacturer in Thailand. With the close and strong co-operation with Tomoi Co.,LTD. (Nara - Osaka - Tokyo), one of Japans biggest shell button factories, our fine products are exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain and Germany etc. and are supplied to leading garment factories in Thailand. As our factory is based in Thailand, we can supply to our customers any quantity, in-time delivery, with quality guaranteed.

      Our source of materials like Black Mother Of Pearl are collected from the cultured pearl farms in Tahiti. We are seriously concerned about under-aged shells.
      We also manufacture coconut shell buttons, and our coconut shell buttons are accurate in thickness and holes. When you put them on your clothes you can lift up your products to international standards and accepted by overseas buyers.

With a capacity of over 2,000,000 pcs. per month, we have more than 400 items of natural buttons. Materials vary in size, design and colors. With more than 12 years experience in this business, we believe that we can fulfill all of our customers needs and satisfactions. Our prices start from US$ 1.80 per gross. Pls. visit our PRODUCTS page.

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